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Figuring out BAR compliance can be time consuming and painful. With KPA/AAS, you have the opportunity to ask your BAR-related questions and get expert advice to questions such as:

  • Which situations require a revised estimate and customer authorization to meet BAR standards?
  • What are your Proposition 65 posting requirements?
  • Are there any exceptions to the need to perform – and properly document – the state-mandated tire pressure check and inflation service on all vehicles?
  • What exactly are the requirements of the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act?

Join Hao Nguyen, Senior Manager of Legal Affairs for KPA/AAS, as he answers these (and other) Service Drive questions that auto and collision dealers should know to protect themselves from risk and associated BAR fines and penalties.

Do you have BAR compliance questions for Hao? If so, submit them in the “Questions?” box on the registration form.